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Love and Power

Dear Family, Friends, and Partners:

Thank you for partnering with us through your love, prayers, and generous

support. This year Molly and I celebrated 15 years of full time ministry.

Since 2001 we have been able to preach the gospel around the world in 60

nations. Over the years we have seen hundreds of thousands of people

come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior and many

people have testified of being healed of sickness and set free from

oppression and bondage. This year we were able to minister across

America as well as Australia, Belgium, France, Holland, Jordan,

Mozambique, South Africa, Switzerland, and The United Kingdom.

Thereare too many stories to tell but one of my favorite moments was in the bush

of Mozambique in June while ministering with Heidi and Rolland Baker. We

had driven 3 hours on bush roads into a village and held an outreach.

Throughout the evening as we preached the Good News of Jesus 7 people

were completely healed of blindness and 10 more people had their deaf

ears open up and they could hear. That night more than 500 muslims gave

their lives to Jesus. The next morning the chiefs of the village and their

wives committed their lives to the Lord and declared that the village is now

a christian village. One of the chiefs said: “I have been a good muslim my

whole life but Allah never talked to me and I have never felt his love. But

last night I met Jesus and I felt His love, He healed my pain, He helped me

and He has changed my life. From now on our village will walk with Jesus!”

It is such an honor and privilege to see the love and power of God change

people hearts and lives for ever. None of this would be possible without

your faithful partnership. We are grateful for you and appreciate your

continual love for us, our family, and Fathers Heart Ministries.

Blessings and Miracles,

David and Molly Wagner

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