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We still call Australia home.

Over the last week we had the absolute pleasure of having some of our favourite Aussie friends come and stay with us. We had some incredible "family" time with Joel and Hollie McCoy, two of the best looking and talented upcoming leaders who have ever come out of the marvellous city of Melbourne.

It reminded me of my love of being able to see my spiritual sons and daughters step into all God is calling them to be. Parenting, whether natural or spiritual is such as privilege and one of the foundations of the Kingdom of God. It is only in the context of community that we become who our prophetic words call us to be.

It also reminded me of my love for Australia. As I have prophesied many times, I believe that God is about to release a move in and through that country like the world has never seen. Join me in praying and believing for all God wants to do in that incredible country.


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