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Prophetic word for 2016

I hear the Holy Spirit saying: "This is going to be one of the most pivotal and monumental years of modern history. The earth is about to shake once again with the sound of My voice. As a Father calls for his children, I am once again calling for the nations to come back to Me. Although these are dangerous days, do not let your faith be shaken or your hearts be troubled. I Am not absent or a far off. I Am on the throne, ruling and reigning. Nothing surprises me or catches Me off guard. I Am bringing every plan and scheme of the enemy out into the open and will cause him to stumble right before your eyes. You are about to receive an anointing that frustrates and terrorizes hell. Do not be afraid, you will not be overcome because you are more than conquerors. It is time to take new territory and go beyond every border of limitation. "

"I Am calling you into a season of proper perspective. It is time to look again and see things through My eyes and My heart. Do not let your feelings and emotions lead you but let My word and Holy Spirit be your guide. Step out of what you have known into the place of adventure. Get out of the comfortable and predictable and run into the unknown. Let your faith lead you into places of encounter that will take you beyond anything you have known or experienced before. I Am looking for a people who are willing to take risks and get out of their boats of familiarity. A fearless generation is rising up who will refuse to get caught up in a world or religion and compromise. The righteous are as bold as a lion and a new boldness is coming upon the young ones who have been set a part for this moment of history. This is a time to encourage yourself in The Lord as you experience and encounter Me in a whole new depth and way. The time has come to escape the the mundane and ordinary and step into the wonderful things that I have in store for you.. The new thing that you have been praying for and believing for is about to spring up like never before."

"There is about to be an epiphany of love revealed in the earth as I bring My church back into the place of being a city set on a hill. I Am about to capture the attention of the nations and release My affections to the lost and broken like never before. As My glory and grace is made known, I will awaken the nations with My goodness, love, and power. As this happens the hearts of the wicked will melt like wax and nations that have been held captive by the darkness of iniquity, religion, and terror will be set free. There is a window of opportunity opening for the church to invade the darkest places with light and love of the gospel. Key world leaders are about to fall to their knees as they encounter the love of the Father. Burning hearts are about to carry the reformers fire as they usher in another wave of revival. This year is going to be filled with the very essence of God as a new modern day pentecost sweeps trough the church once again and spills out into the nations. My presence is going to be poured out like never before and those that have hungered and thirst are about to be filled. Demonstrations of My miraculous power will be seen and reported by both Christian and secular media alike."

"The year of redemption is here! I AM still on a mission to seek and save THAT which was lost including your hopes, dreams, family, finances, and time. There is nothing wasted in the kingdom and I Am able to use every trial, every test, and every tear to your advantage. My plans for your life are greater than any problems around your life. Forget what is in the past and forge ahead into your future. Yesterday's losses, failures and fears have not cancelled out any of he promises and plans that I have for you. Allow every regret to be washed away as I release the river of restoration through your life. It is time to break out of old mindsets and ways that have stolen your joy and your focus. Be careful to take every thought captive and cast away everything that lifts itself against the things that I have promised you. My promises are yes and amen. My words are true and alive on the inside of you. I am fighting on your behalf and working to answer your prayers. So, set your face towards heaven and gaze upon My goodness. Align your heart with heaven as you step into a new season of momentum that will change everything. Change is on the horizon. Not changes to limit you but changes that will release you into the greater things of My kingdom. Your time has come, your year for miracles and wonder is right in front of you.. It's time to look again. I have hidden things for you that have been saved up for this moment. The year of contention and travail is over and the year of joy and bringing forth the completion of My promises is here! 2016 is a year for new dreams, new hope, and new vision. It is time to see and hear clearly and act boldly."

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