I have been a part of Dave Wagner’s life for more than ten years. As one of my spiritual sons I have watched as he has become a mature man of God serving in the office of the Prophet. He has a passion to win the lost and build the local church. He is a mouthpiece for the Lord to this generation.  He speaks with authority and accuracy but with the compassion and heart of a father.  I have been with him as he has ministered to presidents, and leaders of nations with an accurate word and a humble spirit.  I don’t know of anyone with a more pure and accurate word from God than Dave Wagner.  He ministers here in his home church, Jubilee International Ministries, Pensacola, Florida, on a regular basis.  He is a man of passion, love and integrity that God can trust to be His voice in the earth in these perilous times.

A mans family speaks volumes about his life.  Dave and his wife Molly have a strong healthy marriage and are awesome parents to four wonderful children all of whom are deeply committed to the Lord and are involved in our local church.

If you want your personal life, church or ministry to encounter God, hear His voice and be forever changed, contact Prophet Dave Wagner and put him on your ministry schedule.

Lindell Ballenger, Senior Pastor 
Jubilee International Ministries
Pensacola, Florida

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